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Wednesday, 2 March 2022

11am - 12pm GMT (London) | 1pm - 2pm SAST (South Africa)

The risk of modern slavery is particularly high in Africa. Over 80% of sub-Saharan African countries feature in the two highest risk categories, including Kenya and Nigeria, two of the region’s three largest economies.  According to the African Union Ten Year Action Plan on Eradication of Child Labour, Forced Labour, Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery in Africa (2020-2030), in 2016, 72 million African children were in child labour, and nearly 3 million adults were in forced labour; another 5.8 million people were in forced marriages.

ATTEND this practical webinar to gain insight into business and human rights issues such as forced labor and health and safety in the African climate, and how African businesses can address this.

REGISTER to learn from experts, from organisations including Ardea International, the University of Pretoria, The Botswana Chamber of Mines and TIger Brands SA, about the unique challenges African businesses face regarding human rights and gain an insight into best practices such as implementing international frameworks as part of your ESG response and developing key policies to mitigate risk.


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