HELP insurance will provide you with comprehensive coverage to meet your liabilities in hostile environments and to address your duty of care responsibilities. But HELP is more than a comprehensive insurance solution. A critical component of the offer to policy holders is the provision of risk mitigation services. Risk mitigation is about understanding the threats and risks to your organization, your people and your assets and implementing strategies to manage those risks. In the increasingly unstable and uncertain world you are operating in, it is vital that you provide effective duty of care for your employees and sub-contractors. We can help you to understand and mitigate your risks to facilitate your current and future operations.

From years of experience we understand the contractual complexities of operating in hostile environments. Organisations should be extremely wary of agreeing to onerous contractual liability which may include obligations to obtain local and international licences, and a myriad of legal issues. One-sided contractual agreements may result in an expansion of liability exposure beyond your organisation’s own responsibilities and, often, control. At the same time, an organisation’s failure successfully to navigate licensing and legal concerns can often result in the suspension or delay of services and damage to your critical client relationships. HELP Associates can provide expert services to help you navigate these issues and we can also offer recommendations and examples of key contractual provisions to aid your legal team in protecting your business.

  • HELP Associates are experts in their fields and offer a range of services designed to analyse the threat and risks to your operations and provide insights and advise for consideration and use when contracting for services in hostile or complex environments. These expert resources can provide a range of services directly applicable to your operations in hostile environments.

  • HELP Associates provide training and advisory services in support of your security and crisis management exposure. In addition, they offer legal solutions, due diligence, compliance, crisis management, intelligence and risk analysis and accredited certification.

  • With the assistance of HELP, you are well placed to gain a greater understanding of your operating environment, and to identify your liability issues including governance and jurisdictional issues.

  • When you purchase your HELP insurance products there will be options available to you to access these risk mitigation services and subject to agreement the insurers will contribute to the cost of the risk mitigation services. Your broker will be able to advise you how to access these services.

Only HELP policy holders are eligible for a contribution by Insurers to the cost of the Risk Mitigation Services offered by HELP Associates. Once the level of service has been finalised all contractual terms and conditions will be handled directly between the HELP policy holder and the HELP Associate Member.