HELP is an insurance and risk management programme designed to provide comprehensive cover for complex operations in hostile environments. HELP is underwritten at Lloyd’s by syndicates which have been writing specialist security related operations for years and are experts in their field. HELP products are available via all Lloyd’s Brokers – ask your broker today for further information on the insurance products we offer.

The HELP team is able to provide you with authoritative advice on purchasing insurance products including Professional Indemnity, General Liability and Employer’s Liability. Within the HELP facility we can extend coverage to address Products, Auto and Cyber Liability exposures.

Some companies may inadvertently have purchased policies that have coverage gaps in areas such as War & Terrorism and/or Political Violence Exclusions, Innocent Insured Clauses, Overseas work and claims exclusion, Reasonable Force Exclusion, Independent Contractors Clause, Vicarious Coverage, Professional Services Definition, and Land and Sea Operations.

These exposures may be addressed through insurance policies and expert services accessible through HELP. We can help you navigate these liabilities and exclusions to ensure you get the coverage you need.


Risk Mitigation

When you become a HELP assured you are joining a community with options to access a range of risk mitigation services, accredited certification support, best practices, crisis management services and an extensive thought leadership programme. As a HELP member you will have the option of accessing a range of risk mitigation services.

Risk mitigation is about understanding the threats and risks to your people and your assets and implementing strategies to mitigate those risks. HELP associates are experts in their fields and offer a range of services including legal solutions, due diligence, compliance, crisis management, intelligence and risk analysis, accredited certification and training. When you purchase HELP insurance products there will be options available to you whereby the insurers will contribute to the cost of risk mitigation services. Your broker will be able to advise you how to access these services.

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Accredited Certification

We are fully supportive of the work being undertaken by the International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA) and recognise that ICoCA accredited certification demonstrates a commitment to the provision of responsible security that respects human rights and humanitarian law.

“ICoCA Certification demonstrates a commitment by companies to the provision of responsible security that respects human rights and humanitarian law”
Jamie Williamson Executive
Director of ICoCA

We recognise the importance of the three security standards of direct relevance to operations in hostile environments:

  • PSC.1 – U.S. standard for companies providing security services on land.
  • ISO 18788 – International standard for companies providing security services on land.
  • ISO 28007 – International standard for companies providing maritime security services in the High-Risk Area.

As a HELP member you may be eligible for assistance with the process of gaining accredited certification. This may include accessing appropriate certification bodies and a contribution towards the cost of certification. Your broker will be able to provide you with further details.

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Crisis Guidance when you need it most

To support you in a crisis, as a HELP member, you will benefit from a 24 hour, 7 days a week, all year-round emergency response and crisis management services provided by HFW. HFW is an international law firm with a global footprint and recognised expertise in the provision of legal advice and crisis response within the fields of security, logistics, marine, energy, construction, mining, infrastructure, insurance, resources, aviation, commodities and international trade.

In the event of an insured event, HELP members have available a dedicated 24-hour emergency response and crisis management service as part of their policy.

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Thought Leadership Programme

Working collaboratively within the HELP community members will be exposed to an extensive thought leadership programme designed to provide topical information on security threats and risks, mitigation measures, emerging markets, compliance, and certification. This programme will enhance your ability to navigate and manage the risk of working in hostile environments. Members will be invited to seminars and workshops designed to bring experts to the table and encourage discussions and a cross fertilisation of ideas. A quarterly newsletter will be distributed, and members will be invited to contribute articles.