HELP is an insurance and risk management programme which will provide policy holders with comprehensive cover for their operations in hostile environments. We continue to be innovative to meet your requirements to navigate the evolving and diversifying risk environments. If you are concerned about political violence, terrorism, security, carriage of weapons, licence issues cyber liability, reputational damage and other risks to your operations you need to consider the HELP insurance products. If you are operating in challenging jurisdictions you need HELP. More on the insurance products can be found here.

The HELP team has a comprehensive understanding of the insurance needs of clients operating in some of the most challenging of environments including Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, the Sahel and several other jurisdictions. We understand too the complexities of operating in the maritime security sector including in the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden, Red Sea, Gulf of Guinea and littoral states.

If you are operating in the security sector in hostile environments you should examine the HELP offer - we have developed comprehensive insurance products to meet your needs. We recognise the complexities and liabilities you face whether you are providing armed services risk mitigation, canine services, EOD or other services. We are accomplished at dealing with multiple jurisdictions and complex license and liability issues.

Logistics, engineering, construction and extractive companies operating in austere and hostile environments should consider HELP. We have the insurance products to provide you the protection you need and the risk mitigation offer has the potential to reduce the risk to your operations. More on the risk mitigation services can be found here.

Charities, NGOs and not for profit organisations play a vital role operating in hostile environments saving lives and alleviating suffering. Like other organisations they have responsibilities for their assets, their people and their reputation. The HELP insurance products will meet your needs. Equally if your organisation is conducting media operations in these environments we will be able to provide you with the coverages you need.

Within HELP we have developed products for those undertaking specialist work in the USA and other jurisdictions including Homeland Defense, VIP protection and explosive detection work. We have cover too for nuclear installation protection and air, sea and land security.

HELP provides insurance products underwritten at Lloyd’s to protect and respond to the challenges of operating in hostile environments.