HELP insurance will provide you comprehensive coverage to meet your liabilities in hostile environments and to address your duty of care responsibilities. But HELP is more than a comprehensive insurance solution. A critical component of the offer to policy holders is the provision of risk mitigation services to assist you in ensuring that risks are managed and mitigated. In addition, we recognise that your business or organisation may need to respond to a range of crisis scenarios often with the immediate threat of major impact on your operations, reputation, and revenue. In the event of a crisis HELP policy holders have access to a dedicated 24-hour emergency response and crisis management as part of the services available from the insurer. This service is provided by the international law firm, HFW.

HFW partners are recognised as leaders in their sectors, providing legal advice and crisis response within the fields of security, logistics, marine, energy, construction, mining, infrastructure, insurance, resources, aviation, commodities and international trade. HFW is recognized as the leading global law firm managing and resolving incidents in hostile environments.

In responding to incidents, the HFW team provides real time guidance and legal assistance, in person, remotely or through HFW’s network of trusted global contacts. Typically, HFW’s role involves project managing the response, providing practical guidance and solutions, limiting exposure to civil and criminal liabilities (both corporate and personal), gathering and preserving evidence, protection of legal privilege and interaction with insurers.

The team has addressed and advised various governments, law enforcement agencies, and governmental and non-governmental organizations on industry’s response to incidents in hostile environments and have developed a network of contacts in government, the military, private military, financial institutions and intelligence agencies.