The HELP team has a wealth of experience of providing a wide range of cover for clients operating in multiple territories and jurisdictions. We understand the complexities of ensuring that companies have the appropriate cover for their people, their property, and their liabilities wherever they are operating. We are committed to get you the cover you need.

Experience has taught us that often companies have gaps in their existing insurance coverage. A review can provide you the assurance that you have the comprehensive cover you require or highlight shortcomings in your existing policies. We can assess whether you have the cover you need for war, terrorism, and political violence and whether you are covered for claims or incidents in all jurisdictions. Critically we can advise whether you are meeting your duty of care obligations for your people wherever they are operating. We can review your existing cover to ensure you meet contractual requirements for cover like Contractors All Risk, Public Liability and Employers’ Liability.

HELP Review – the offer

If a HELP review is of interest to you, we will arrange a bespoke team of insurance and security experts to review your current arrangements and to make recommendations. The review will be conducted discreetly and without prejudice or commitment from either party. We will look at your current arrangements across most types of cover, including your human asset exposure (Personal Accident, Life and Kidnap and Ransom) your physical asset exposure, including War, Terrorism and political violence and your corporate liability exposure.

A review will involve:

  • A discussion about the scale, reach, complexity, contractual arrangements and jurisdictions of your operations.
  • A forensic examination of your existing cover including the limits, terms and conditions.
  • Observations on potential gaps in your existing coverage.
  • An examination of relevant claims that will serve to highlight the risk factors involved in your operations.
  • Without prejudice recommendations will be offered by the HELP review team.

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